Story 1

How we helped the atelier attract new customers on Instagram

Recently we got a chance to cooperate with the tailoring atelier in the city N.

A girl, the atelier owner, already had the Instagram account with a few hundreds of followers (this social network is perfect for promoting the business like this). The only thing missing was the good ways of finding new customers and working effectively with the current ones.

This is the information we had at the beginning:

  1. Everyday the girl posts only 1-2 photos, because she has to do it manually
  2. When she has free time she tries to look for the new followers and starts to follow them, hoping they will follow her, too.

  3. From time to time she “likes” the photos of her followers (it takes a lot of time, again because she has to do this manually)

The owner of the company gave a list of 5 competitors’ accounts with different numbers of followers.
We started with making a lists of all competitors’ followers and eliminated repetitive and those who have been following our atelier account. We got almost 20000 potential clients, 7000 of them were active users actually interested in this atelier.

Then we improved the process of working with them so everything was functioning perfectly and with minimal manual work. For that we configured the needed software which was making automatically the following tasks:

01 Scheduled posting. Now the girl only needed to prepare the content for the weeks ahead and forget about the manual posting forever. Content was posting automatically 4 times per day.

02 Following the potential clients from the list and “liking” their photos.

03 Unfollowed those who never followed us back in 10 days.

04 Commenting and “liking” the photos of absolutely all our current followers.

With this way of autoposting the time for managing the account has been reduced to a minimum, and the number of followers increased. Obviously it affected the number of orders as well.
We continue our collaboration and now we make list of users from other cities.

Join our success! — write us, and we will help you automatize the work with your followers and find new clients.

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