Free daily information about added/removed followers.

With the help of our service people are already looking
for hundreds of groups’ members and personal pages

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Receive free reports* about new
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers and unfollowers on your e-mail

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Your email for reports about unfollowers and new followers
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* Free for groups and accounts with the number of subscribers less than 1 000 people.
Do you want to monitor the group with the number of subscribers more than 1 000 people?
Try our paid subscription.

What’s the service for?
• watch your account and always know who followed/unfollowed and when;

• watch your boyfriend/girlfriend account and always know who followed/unfollowed them;

watch your competitors accounts. It’s useful! Read our stories of success.


• No registration

• Unlimited number of accounts

• Lots of social networks

• Everything is free

• Constant improvements

• Total confidentiality

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